Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging surveys

We conduct thermal imaging surveys to find your electrical faults - fast.

Using infra-red technology, our cameras record the temperature of components in various parts of an electrical installation, such as distribution boards and fuse boards, control panels, switchgears and switchboards.

Your distribution boards and circuits are surveyed while in normal use, avoiding the need for a costly shutdown. Circuits may be running hot because they are overloaded or wiring issues may be causing hot spots. The temperature and pattern of the thermal image quickly identifies problems and the likely cause.

Thermal imaging identifies faults in seconds, before they could cause a costly breakdown or fire, allowing preventative maintenance to be planned with minimal disruption to workflow, making our thermal imaging surveys very cost effective.

Overheating can lead to components breaking down or melting, causing faults and even fires, which is why many insurance companies now regard thermal imaging as an essential method of risk assessment and reduction.

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