Our people

At OCS we know our people are our greatest strength and the reason for our success. By treating our staff well we are fortunate to have built up a loyal, competent and high performing workforce for the long term.

Our People – Our Values

Since 1900 this family company has stayed loyal to the principle of being a values based business. We engage with our people through our values and in doing so we create an environment where those that work for us feel that their values are aligned with ours and with the company’s goals. In this sense we are a business where we celebrate the values in every one of our employees. They demonstrate these in the way they behave and the way they treat all their key stakeholders. This is why our people live the values that we hold dear.

Values can be hard to articulate and yet seem so obvious when demonstrated in behaviours. So we have engaged our managers across the business and they have created our Values Charter which lists those behaviours that we will celebrate in our people who demonstrate our values, as well as those behaviours that will be challenged if demonstrated.

Also, we believe that to truly engage through our values it isn’t just about the values themselves, but also about every one of us feeling valued. That is why we encourage all our people to value themselves and their colleagues. With this in mind we can see how valuing ourselves and each other leads to added value and greater performance in our business.

Nurturing Talent – Sustaining Our Business

A key pillar of our sustainability policy around ‘People’ is a commitment to supporting the economic and social empowerment of our people, the communities in which we work, and the individuals within them. The OCS Reach Out programme is one of the key vehicles through which this commitment is being delivered.

In order to be a sustainable business that is ‘Here Today - Here Tomorrow’, it is important that we bring in and bring on talented people from wherever they may be. Reach Out means exactly that; we reach out into our communities and within our organisation to find this talent and nurture it for the benefit of our people, our customers, our communities and our business.

As part of this commitment we see staff development as an essential part of promoting the well-being of our people by supporting them in fulfilling their potential. The Group supports training opportunities for all of its employees and we have a comprehensive range of training opportunities available. We are affiliated to many external professional bodies to deliver an assortment of accredited operational qualifications across all areas and levels of our business.

The end result is highly committed and passionate people with a strong sense of values and service. This is perhaps best illustrated in the many examples in our business where our employees often go that extra mile and we recognise that through our ABCD award for going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

Modern Slavery Policy Statement

OCS Group Limited (OCS) is committed to operating its business ethically and with integrity throughout the organisation. Download our Modern Slavery Policy Statement here.

We are a family owned business, with family values at the very core of the way we do business...We value our people, the communities in which we work and the environment in which we all live.  Our people are the reason for our success and I would like to thank each and every member of staff across the world for their loyalty, hard work and commitment to providing a great service to our clients. The continuing success of the Group can be attributed in no small part to the role our people play in driving the business forward, embracing our values and enhancing the reputation of which we are all proud - Peter Armitage Chairman - July 2014.