Pest Control for Nursing and Residential Care Homes

Sensitive pest control systems for demanding environments

The residential care home environment is extremely sensitive and as such demand specialist processes to ensure all areas are clean, pest free and that these pests don’t becoming the source of contamination or disease. A scenario that would quickly damage your reputation and brand, so identifying and minimising all risks is vital.

Being particularly attractive places for pests, it is critical you work with a pest control company that not only understands your challenges completely but has the expertise and determination to ensure you always remain fully compliant with the appropriate Acts such as:

  • The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949
  • Public Health Act 1936 sections 83 to 85
  • The Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Food Safety Act 1990

Residents and visitors will be carriers for a host of pests – bed bugs in hospital beds can be transferred in the laundry or by the patient themselves and unwell residents can be more vulnerable to pests. A mouse only needs a hole the size of a biro to gain access to your premises and the presence of food and warmth is particularly attractive.

Our solutions are highly effective but also non-toxic, thereby protecting these sensitive environments. For example, we now use bed bug sniffer dogs that can detect the presence of these notoriously difficult to locate bed bugs in a matter of minutes. Solutions include a heat treatment at 54°C or the use of completely natural substances such as diatomaceous earth.

Together with our client training programmes, prevention and reporting systems and sensitive solutions, we offer the most complete pest control service.