Total Facilities Management for Santa Claus

17th Dec 2014

Want to know how Total Facilities Management works at Christmas? This year, OCS looked at how Santa Claus might outsource all of his facilities management. Santa's entire Christmas operation revolves around great labour resourcing and having all the necessary systems in place to deliver presents to over 1.5 billion homes around the world every year.

Starting with catering, Santa keeps all of the workshops stocked with thousands of mince pies for the elves and sacks of carrots for the reindeer. After a successful Christmas Eve, Santa also likes to bring in the fine dining team and tries out cultural food options from around the globe. All food, toys and workshop equipment are monitored 24 hours a day by a security system. Santa likes to use a combination of manned guarding, remote monitoring, CCTV and alarm systems. 

Keeping on top of the cleaning is another job Santa and his staff need extra support with. With sellotape and wrapping paper all over the workshop, Santa outsources his cleaning. This includes his transport - every Christmas Eve the sleigh also gets a sparkle clean and polish before taking to the sky. 

Most importantly, Santa needs the assurance that all of his presents are in stock and safe for all the boys and girls. As part of his facilities management solution, Santa outsources stocktaking and auditing of all the presents and meets all compliance criteria by getting the PAT testing done for Christmas lights, toys, electronics and gadgets. 

Finally, just think of all the extra help that Santa needs during the festive season. Every December, Santa needs to recruit an extra 1,000 little helpers to meet the biggest deadline of the year. There's also tonnes of waste to consider! As part of outsourcing his waste management, Santa likes his empire to recycle as much as possible. In an effort to do this, on average, the workshop manages to recycle 160 tonnes of paper each month!

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