Think Before You Meet

23rd Jul 2010

Each day OCS Group UK incurs thousands of pounds in travel related costs.

In all areas of our business we are encouraged to look at the most effective use of resource and it is also essential that we consider this when planning business meetings.

“We can all play a part in reducing unnecessary expenditure and risk, whilst saving time and helping to reduce our carbon footprint too,” says sustainability director Adrian Shuker. “The message to everyone across the business is - Think before you meet.”

Before you ask people to attend a meeting, it is vital to calculate the real cost of this to the company, taking into consideration everyone’s travel to the location and food and accommodation, and to look at possible alternatives. Costs soon mount, particularly if several people are travelling from a distance. To help with calculating this, a Travel Cost Calculator has been introduced to the MIS system. To view this and add it to the My OCS facility, please click on the link below.

Travel Cost Calculator

Where face-to-face meetings are not absolutely necessary, we have video conferencing facilities at the Tier 1 OCS sites - yet these are only being used for 5% of the week. We also have excellent telephone conferencing which may be a more appropriate way of communicating. It’s amazing how easy it is to hold meetings this way.

To help with this process Business Support will be publishing information on the use of video and telephone conferencing on the MIS. As a reminder meetings held in Tier I properties will not now be booked without confirmation that the meeting is necessary and that you have considered utilising video or telephone conferencing. “Think before you meet and expect to be challenged! It makes good business sense for all of us,” concludes Adrian.

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