Thailand Flooding Appeal

31st Oct 2011

OCS is fortunate to operate in many parts of the world and be part of a world-wide community.  That brings with it a responsibility to share in all experiences, be they good or bad.  Right now the people of Thailand are experiencing the worst flooding crisis in more than 50 years.

The flooding is severely affecting many parts of central Thailand and more than 23 districts of Bangkok have already been flooded. It is highly likely that the situation will worsen with the forthcoming high tides, so it is important that we take action now.

Our senior managers and volunteer teams are busy visiting affected areas and providing flood relief kits, cooked food, drinking water, life jackets and boats to affected employees and other community members.

We have a registered charity called the PCS Foundation and this has been helping people in Thailand for the last six years. The PCS Foundation has already been used to provide assistance to many people affected, but much more support is going to be needed as the flooding worsens and more people lose their homes and need shelter, food and water. Once the floods have passed, which may be some weeks, the PCS Foundation will help to get people back on their feet, into their homes and hopefully back to normal life.

We have a long tradition of working together in OCS to provide support to those that need it the most at times of crisis. If you would like to help by making a donation that will be used to support communities in Thailand, please enter an amount and click on the 'Donate' button below.

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Your support will be greatly appreciated and make a real difference to those affected. Thank you

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