OCS helping to fight the battle against MRSA

21st Jul 2010

“Gold standard” superbug-destroying system to protect patients at Hampshire Community Health Care’s Lymington New Forest Hospital

Protection from superbugs is being stepped up at Lymington New Forest Hospital using a process found in thunderstorms. Laundry makers JLA have found a way to mimic nature, using an electrical charge as the water enters the machine, to form ozone which, in turn, damages the bacteria cells.

At Lymington New Forest Hospital, nearly 355,000 mops and cloths are expected to be cleaned annually. This process uses mainly cold water, which saves the hospital money and time, and lowers the carbon footprint.

Catherine Bowell, divisional director for Hampshire Community Health Care, said: “We are committed to safety and welcome the new superbug technology. The recent launch of our new MRI scanner has brought many more patients, and so it is vital that safety is our number one priority”.

Mark Coppard, Director of Public Sector Healthcare for OCS, said: “Just because something looks clean, it might not necessarily be clean.  We have worked with Lymington Hospital for many years to provide the highest level of hygiene standards, so it’s vital that the mops and cloths used throughout the hospital are completely bacteria-free.”

All mops and cloths – vital for cleaning patient and staff areas – will be rendered free from bacteria and viruses, including MRSA and Clostridium Difficile spores, using the revolutionary new laundry system.

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