OCS Helps Save Life

23rd Jul 2010

Recently the quick-thinking and swift response of our team at East Midlands Airport helped to save a life. Our airport services manager Phil Plackett was on hand when BMI asked for immediate first aid assistance. Phil identified that help was urgently needed for a man by the terminal doors who was being assisted with CPR by another female passenger. He called upon OCS customer care agent Peter van der Wal who is trained in first aid response to assist whilst rushing to inform the relevant parties for the airport of the situation.

On his return to the emergency situation, Phil discovered that whilst Peter was providing rescue breathing and the woman continued to deliver CPR, further help was needed for the cardiac arrest patient. Phil quickly fetched a Cannon Hygiene defibrillator which Peter van der Wal used successfully to stabilise the patient’s condition until professional medical help arrived. The attending doctor was so impressed by the actions of the OCS team that he visited the OCS helpdesk to thank Phil and Peter personally.

Each year in the UK, it estimated that 275,000 people suffer a heart attack. Professionals agree that immediate treatment of a victim increases their chance of survival by anything up to 90%. Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) are available to rent via Cannon Hygiene with built in text and voice prompt safeguards ensuring that even a user with basic training can use the unit safely and effectively. This essential addition to any business first aid provision is available with product training.

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