Keeping Our Customers Satisfied

23rd Jul 2010

One of the challenges for OCS in the current FM marketplace - where cost is a key driver along with strong competition from other service providers – is ensuring that we remain focused on retaining our existing clients. In order to do this, we need to stay close to our customers so that we understand and are able to react to their changing needs.

This is an area in which many of our teams are particularly successful. They have listened to their clients, built strong relationships and have looked for service solutions which often go ‘above and beyond the call of duty’. Our clients welcome this support which leaves them free to concentrate on their core activities and they often take the time to let us know how much they appreciate our staff.

Recently one of Virgin Atlantic’s directors wrote to Ed Bolton, our operations director for transport:

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank the OCS team for their hard work and support in maintaining our operations during the extremely difficult snowy conditions we had recently.

Maintaining a flying program on a day to day basis is challenging enough without the complications or closed runways, frozen water supplies and diverted aircraft. We recognise how OCS has helped us to restart and keep the operation going throughout it all.

The recent weather conditions put us all to the test and presented us with some fast changing situations. Requiring quick thinking, sound judgement, total flexibility and a massive effort from all the team.’

Our team working for the Guys and & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust in London ‘went the extra mile’ to ensure the successful mobilisation of the new just deli catering contract at St Thomas’ Hospital. Their head of site business took the time to e-mail OCS director for healthcare, Mark Coppard, to express her thanks:

‘Just a very quick note to express my delight with your new unit at St Thomas'. Many thanks to Andrew and his team for pulling out all the stops to make this project happen, and on time! I have had many very positive comments from both staff and visitors and it certainly was very welcomed on the right side of Christmas! I am certain that this would not have been possible without Andrew's perseverance and very positive approach in challenging both the Trust's and your contractors, hence your achievement in meeting the original opening date! Well done!’

Earlier this month 3 of our security staff – Karen Connolly, Phil Plackett and
Martin Key – stepped up to the challenge. They all gave up their annual leave and personal commitments to support BA with the heightened security checks at Detroit airport following the Detroit flight terrorism threat. “This required them to stay in a hotel for a period of 6 nights, being away from their families and friends during the New Year period and was truly well above the call of duty. BA are extremely impressed with the way we responded and it has strengthened our reputation with them,” said regional operations director for transport, Marshall Beech.

“At the Financial Services Authority, our record of honesty is frankly second to none,” says Strand MD Jim Melvin. “Our cleaning staff regularly find and hand in items of worth.” One FSA staff member whose purse was handed in by our operative Fofana Naminzata wrote, ‘…..its not about the money its just lovely to know we have honest staff at the FSA. I have copied in our Ops Director for information as I am really chuffed to get my purse back.’ The honesty and integrity of our staff is something of which our company has always been very proud and which is clearly greatly welcomed by our clients too.

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