Heathrow Terminal 3 Aircraft Appearance

4th Feb 2011

A vital component of our Transport division’s activities is based at Terminal 3 in Heathrow, where OCS provides Virgin Atlantic Airways, American Airlines, BMI and a number of other airlines with cleaning, toilet and water services, security checks and re-stocking of amenities.

It’s a complex and dynamic operation, often affected by factors outside of our control such as the weather which can cause delays to aircraft arrival time or heavy traffic going through the service tunnels underneath the runways. Ash clouds from volcanoes and snow also cause considerable disruption.

Depending on the aircraft type and cleaning service required, OCS teams can have between 8 minutes and 6 hours to perform a clean on an aircraft, and the teams are always working to a deadline to enable the airlines to re-board their new passengers and take off on time. Along with a requirement to clean aircraft within a set time, there’s a constant focus on providing an outstanding level of service quality, and the teams work hard to keep our clients happy.

The Business Improvement Team were asked to add support to the ongoing efforts to improve gross margin at Terminal 3, and Nick Blanchard has been working closely with the T3 Aircraft Appearance General Manager Darin Davis to review the cost base, explore additional revenue opportunities and to develop some useful analysis tools to help with understanding the factors which affect the operation.

A re-structured shift pattern has now been put in place so that it is more closely aligned to the actual aircraft arrival times, a revenue analysis pack has been rolled out to provide detailed information on revenue trends which has helped with contract re-negotiation, contract re-pricing and going after new business, and time was spent improving the control and use of the crew buses and service vehicles.

A revenue recognition tool was put in place, enabling Darin and his team to get a good picture of the daily cost and revenue base, and a re-organised management team structure ensures that the changes that have been made are effective and that they provide the benefits required.

Now that the project has come to a close, we can look back on a good example of Transport Operations and the Business Improvement team working closely together to bring about a number of positive actions which are helping to consolidate OCS’ position as a leading service supplier at Heathrow.

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