Cleaning Staff to Polish Up their Skills

23rd Jul 2010

Throughout OCS we are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to make learning and development more approachable and intuitive for all new staff.

The Business Support team have been working hard to take a fresh look at the way we communicate to our staff at every level and July marks the launch of the ‘new look’ merit award booklet which employs this new approach – an exciting step forward for learning and development within our business as we set standards within the industry.

When staff join the company in a cleaning role, as part of an induction they must complete all training modules that are relevant to their role, from a total of 17 modules. The modules include training staff on how to use the correct personal protective equipment and which cleaning products to utilise, amongst other tasks.

The basic layout of the new merit award booklet provides pictorial representation ensuring that from day one of employment with OCS, our staff are guided through their work safely and in the approved manner and can be seen on the link below: 

Printing of the new booklet will be completed in-house through Document Management. Online ordering is currently in development and will be available via the MIS, so for the interim please contact Document Management when placing new orders.

*IMPORTANT: Please use your existing stocks of merit award booklets before ordering the new look version

Contact: Document Management

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