New HR technology and innovation help to reduce FM accidents

3rd Feb 2016

The OCS Logincident app, which pioneers a new approach to the management of Health and Safety in facilities management, has been recognised for its innovation in the FM industry through the i-FM Technology in FM Awards 2016, where it has been shortlisted by the judges in the final five awards entries. 

The number of fatalities, serious accidents and incidents have fallen in recent years, thanks to improved training and awareness. But there are still too many. And almost all accidents can be prevented if different actions are taken. Working with Logincident, OCS has introduced a new approach in the UK to the management of health and safety across the organisation, and in the facilities management sector, using Logincident software, which includes a combined mobile app and dashboard.

The technology gives OCS staff a simple and quick way to record near miss incidents and unsafe conditions with their smartphone. A desktop dashboard then enables analysis of incidents and reporting on them so that action can be taken to mitigate the risk of the same near miss from escalating into an accident in the future. Logincident is a bespoke system designed to work on smartphones, tablet devices, and laptops. It captures information relating to adverse events in the form of written and voice text, scroll-down menus, photographs and videos. The data is stored on the cloud and is immediately made available for enhanced visibility and to improve early intervention. By facilitating the recording of incidents in an efficient way, OCS is also getting more accurate data and can deal with events in a more timely way.

People generally know the rules and the correct behaviours, and yet they might not necessarily act in line with these. The software encourages staff to look out for others, and cements a culture where staff take responsibility for health and safety, and are proactive around it. Logincident is used to flag up mistakes so that preventative action can be taken. It is helping OCS to foster a proactive and generative health and safety culture, in which anything that can be improved upon is identified and shared. Businesses need to know where mistakes are happening, in the first place, to consistently prevent them. This is in contrast to a reactive, blame culture, where mistakes are repeated over and over again, sometimes with terrible consequences. <br> <br>Logincident helps OCS to create a culture of high standards around health and safety. It is also a clear demonstration that staff are important to the business, and are valued, which has a positive impact on job satisfaction and productivity. The software enables staff to actively participate in, and share responsibility for, excellent standards in health and safety. The software has wide reaching benefits for OCS’s clients and the users of their facilities.

Near-miss reporting has traditionally been a somewhat slow, laborious and painstaking process, industry-wide. Employers have tended to ask staff to log incidents by completing a form or by making a phone call. At worst this can be seen as a time drain, a chore, a bureaucratic process, and not really within the remit of their day job. In reality, staff may tend to avoid reporting a near miss, leaving the situation to sit there like a ticking timebomb. Logincident drives a real cultural change in health and safety best practice in the FM industry.

The i-FM Technology in FM Awards recognise and celebrate organisations in the FM sector that utilise new technology to achieve improvements in business processes and performance. The overall winner will be announced Tuesday 9th February at the i-FM’s Workplace Futures Conference. <br>

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