Clinical, Medical and Dental Waste Management

Effective, compliant and dependable solutions

Our extensive range of healthcare and clinical waste services are available to help you manage your waste effectively and remain fully compliant with the very latest legislation. We understand that your waste requirements can be a complex subject, so our in-house team of waste experts are available to guide you through the legislative complexities helping you to always be fully compliant.

We always ensure we collect, handle and dispose of all your waste in the safest manner possible. Our commitment to caring for the environment means that we always use the most appropriate method of disposal for any given waste stream. For example, we were the first company to provide a recycling service for wastes containing gypsum.

We have a nationwide network of waste transfer centres to ensure that your waste solutions are provided by a local team dedicated to keeping your facilities compliant and running smoothly.

This also minimises the distance waste travels. Cannon Hygiene website