OCS Cleaning Services: FAQs

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a broad term, which can be used to describe any type of cleaning that is carried out by a cleaning company on behalf of individual businesses or corporations. It can include the cleaning of a variety of commercial premises, including shops, warehouses and offices, as well as government facilities, fleet and more.

Why should I outsource my commercial cleaning?

Outsourcing your cleaning has a number of advantages, ranging from time and cost savings to reducing risk.

By outsourcing your commercial cleaning, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • The responsibility to deliver a safe and hygienic property is being managed by your chosen contractor, leaving you free to focus on your core business
  • Reduced time and cost spent on recruitment activities
  • Working with an experienced contractor, you will have access to a wealth of professional expertise, knowledge and experience
  • The assurance of a provider that holds industry affiliations and works to industry best practice, with cleaning teams that are trained to industry standards
  • Excellent value for money as a result of the cleaning contractor’s longstanding relationships with suppliers and buying power of cleaning consumables and materials
  • A wide range of services that you may not have the time, budget, equipment, training or internal knowledge to support in-house
  • Expertise in cutting-edge cleaning technologies, techniques, equipment, working practice and innovation

Why should I choose OCS as my commercial cleaning provider?

By outsourcing your cleaning to OCS, you are choosing a commercial cleaning provider that:

  • Has over 100 years of experience working with high-profile clients, including NEC Group
  • Provides a full range of self-delivered specialist cleaning services, covering a number of sectors
  • Is committed to providing cleaning services that are environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Offers an award-winning, accredited service
  • Has links to the world’s leading R&D facility, giving us access to the latest pioneering products and technologies
  • Works closely with our preferred suppliers to ensure we are at the forefront of innovation, which is led and driven by our Head of Cleaning
  • Belongs to the UK’s leading industry associations, including the Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA), British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICs) and Federation of Window Cleaners
  • Why is OCS the environmentally friendly choice?
  • All of our cleaning products and materials are chosen with the environment in mind. In addition to providing the highest level of cleaning performance, we aim to:
  • Reduce water use
  • Use microbial and bio (green) products as much as possible
  • Minimise our use of chemicals
  • Never use phosphates or aerosol products
  • Maximise the lifespan of our equipment by choosing models with interchangeable parts
  • Always use products with high post-consumer recycled content

In addition, we offer an innovative CleanSmart™ system, which uses strategic planning to preserve valuable resources while increasing cleaning efficiency. Visit our CleanSmart™ page to learn more.

What kinds of cleaning services can OCS provide?

At OCS, we offer commercial cleaning services that are uniquely tailored to the needs of our clients. We provide cleaning to suit an extremely wide range of organisations and premises.

These include, but are not limited to:

What commercial cleaning equipment does OCS use?

We constantly seek out new equipment and best practice to ensure our client-bespoke service delivery plans are at the forefront of technology. Notably, the OCS Group uses robotic cleaning equipment within a number of sectors. These hands-free robotic cleaners perform cleaning tasks, such as scrubbing, vacuuming and sweeping, without human intervention.

We strive to use eco-friendly products and equipment whenever possible. We also use battery-powered products, such as vacuum backpacks, to help reduce health and safety issues around slips, trips and falls.

What commercial cleaning products does OCS use?

We use a range of daily cleaning products, that can be split depending on size, type, age, usage and sectors. When choosing our daily cleaning products, we take into account the environmental impact not only of the actual product, but also the transportation and waste disposal implications.

Does OCS provide commercial cleaning services for my sector?

OCS can provide commercial cleaning services to organisations across a wide range of sectors.

We have particular experience in:

  • Aviation
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Financial and insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Maritime services
  • Government
  • Rail
  • Retail
  • Sports and leisure

If your organisation is associated with one of the sectors listed above, you may wish to visit our Sectors page to learn more about the services we provide.

Does OCS offer commercial cleaning in my region?

Yes - we operate across the UK, not to mention in more than 50 countries worldwide. So wherever you are in the world, we can fulfil your commercial cleaning needs.

How much does commercial cleaning cost?

Our cleaning costs are tailored to the client, as every organisation and property portfolio is different and presents individual challenges and requirements. Speak to one of our experienced sales team on 0844 846 7608 to arrange a fact-finding, face-to-face meeting.

Still have questions about our cleaning services? Get in touch with our friendly staff today to find out more.