OCS Catering Services: FAQs

Learn about OCS's catering services with this list of FAQs.

What is contract catering?

Contract caterers are employed by businesses and organisations to provide catering for their visitors, guests or staff, either on a continuous or regular basis. Contract catering companies are often hired to manage on-site cafés, canteens, restaurants, shops, hospitality and vending machines.

Contract catering is also sometimes referred to as 'corporate catering', 'commercial catering' 'outsourced catering' and 'business catering'.

What catering services does OCS offer?

We offer catering services to suit a wide range of organisations.

Our on-site catering solutions include:

  • Just Deli - deli bars similar to those you'd find on the high street
  • Just Dine - fully staffed restaurants for visitors and employees
  • Just Café - facilities for light bites and hot and cold drinks
  • Just Vend - conveniently placed, well-stocked vending machines
  • Eligo - high end fine dining, ideal for entertaining discerning visitors and clients

We also offer corporate event catering for our existing client partners.

Why should I outsource my corporate catering to OCS?

By outsourcing your catering to OCS, you are choosing a catering solutions provider that:

  • Is committed to delivering catering solutions that are focussed on your staff as our customer, offering healthy and environmentally friendly catering solutions
  • Provides a wide range of catering services and possesses sector-specific expertise
  • Can cater for all dietary requirements and preferences
  • Has over 100 years of experience working with high-profile clients
  • Has long-standing partnerships with leading high street brands, such as Costa Coffee, Starbucks and WHSmith
  • Avoids menu fatigue by actively monitoring customers' feedback, following the latest market trends and running monthly marketing campaigns
  • Uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest levels of quality and convenience, from our Virtual Deli to SmartPay systems
  • Offers flexible catering solutions and pricing models to ensure that our services offer you quality and value for money

Does OCS provide catering services in my sector?

We can provide catering to organisations across a broad spectrum of sectors. Every catering contract we sign is completely bespoke and tailored to our customer's unique needs and aims.

We have particular expertise and experience in providing catering solutions to the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Government
  • If your organisation is associated with one of the sectors listed above, you may wish to visit our Sectors page to learn more about the services we provide.

    Does OCS provide healthy contract catering options?

    Yes. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing healthy catering solutions and take every step we can to fulfil this goal. Our vending machines contain a variety of healthy snack options, and our on-site cafés and delis stock our bespoke Good 4 U range.

    We also have a history of partnering with well-known brands, such as Slimming World, to create bespoke initiates aimed at promoting healthy eating in our on-site catering facilities.

    Are OCS's catering solutions environmentally friendly?

    Sustainability is at the heart of everything OCS does - including our catering solutions. We keep food miles down by using locally sourced, seasonal produce wherever possible, and are a proud supporter of British Farmers through the Red Tractor Scheme. We can provide organic catering upon request.

    In addition, our staff are trained to minimise food waste, energy consumption and water usage at every stage of the catering process. We also provide sustainable food waste recycling services, using aerobic digestion systems.

    Does OCS cater to different dietary requirements?

    Yes. All of our business catering services are completely flexible, and can be tailored to suit your organisation's requirements. We provide:

    • Vegetarian catering
    • Vegan catering
    • Kosher catering
    • Halal catering
    • Gluten-free catering
    • Nut-free catering
    • And more

    All of our catering staff are fully trained in food allergy and intolerance health and safety - meaning that you can rest easy knowing your employees and visitors are in good hands.

    Does OCS provide corporate catering services in my region?

    Yes. We operate across the UK, not to mention in more than 50 countries worldwide. So wherever you are in the world, we can fulfil your commercial catering needs.

    How much does catering cost?

    At OCS, our corporate catering solutions are tailored to suit each client's needs, priorities and budget. We support a variety of pricing structures, including cost-plus contracts, fixed price models and concession-based arrangements. Call us today on 0844 846 7608 to arrange a fact-finding, face-to-face meeting.

    Still have questions about our contract catering services? Get in touch with our friendly staff today to find out more.