Environmentally friendly waste recycling solution 

Envirocomp is the world’s first composting solution for nappy, sanitary and incontinence waste. It offers OCS and Cannon Hygiene customers an environmentally friendly solution to waste management.

As part of its normal customer service, disposable nappies and other washroom waste is collected from commercial premises by Cannon Hygiene. Once delivered to the Envirocomp plant, the absorbent hygiene products waste is shredded, combined with green waste and processed through a composting unit.

The plastics separated out as part of the process can be used in waste to energy plants and research is under way to look at recycling options.

Disposable nappies have always ended up in landfill or incineration. The Rochester plant can compost up to 6.8 million nappies and other products per year, thereby contributing towards reducing landfill in the UK. That’s out of 2.7 billion disposable nappies that UK households purchase.

Envirocomp was acquired by OCS in 2011. It has been in operation in New Zealand since 2009, where it has two plants. The first UK and European plant was opened in Rochester, Kent in 2013 and further UK plants are planned.