Energy Management

OCS delivers clients a total energy solution designed to cut energy consumption and make savings on energy costs. We implement and manage energy reduction programmes based on your business and real estate needs.

Our energy programmes are delivered through four packages, tailored to your business and realestate needs:

  • Energy management solutions
  • Energy retrofit solutions
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Energy finance solutions

Energy management

Many organisations can significantly reduce their energy consumption through good metering and management practices. In many instances it is possible to achieve savings in excess of 10% through the implementation of these low-cost and no-cost initiatives.

We will conduct ongoing analysis of your consumption profiles to measure and improve performance, based on your organisational goals and objectives.

OCS energy management programmes are supported by the professional analysts from our in-house energy bureau, who conduct energy benchmarking, undertake consumption analysis and develop and implement sub-metering programmes.

Our field based energy managers work alongside our bureau team to deliver ongoing energy and carbon management for our clients through the use of our automated monitoring and targeting software (aM&T).

Energy retrofit

Technology retrofit programmes can offer double digit savings for clients through the use of the latest energy efficient technologies.

We conduct a detailed base-lining and plant audit programme to identify suitable retrofit projects, which are then blended into a single programme of work designed to achieve cost and energy savings for your business.

Our team will deliver an energy retrofit programme specifically designed for your organisation, planning, designing and implementing energy improvements for your facilities. All OCS energy retrofit programmes are subject to measurement and verification, to ensure you achieve the agreed energy savings and financial returns.

Renewable energy

At OCS, we are focused on deploying mature and proven technologies, which can readily be integrated into the built environment whilst providing reliable financial returns. In our experience, most sites are able to benefit from the implementation of renewable energy technologies including solar PV, solar thermal, heat-pump or biomass installation, helping to reduce utility costs and carbon emissions.

The first step in developing a renewable energy strategy often involves an initial feasibility study by one of our engineers or consultants. If the study proves to be viable and attractive, our project managers can deliver a turn-key project, including survey, design, consents, finance, installation and commissioning.

If you think renewable energy could benefit your organisation, feel free to contact our consultants for an impartial discussion about your options.

Finance solutions

OCS’ energy financing solutions enable our clients to implement energy saving programmes whilst conserving their own capital.

Through our partnership with well respected financial institutions, we are able to offer asset backed and ‘off-balance sheet’ financing for many energy saving or renewables programmes.

The availability and form of financing is dependent upon a range of considerations, and is typically accessible for both technology retrofit and renewable energy schemes.

Some examples of technologies that can typically be financed include lighting and HVAC retrofits, variable speed drives, metering schemes and solar PV installations.

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