Student Catering

Catering in further and higher education

OCS has a growing expertise in the student catering sector, where our catering offering, in partnership with the college or university, can be tailor-made for the campus.

We carry out a rebranding exercise to appeal to this diverse market by offering a variety of outlets within a college or university and re-launching the outlets with modern new designs.

Our Just Deli offering is designed to appeal to the student who appreciates a high street-influenced catering service and can be incorporated into a multi-branded food court refectory with extensive vending and hospitality positioned around the campus. Our emphasis is on encouraging a healthy lifestyle by providing nutritional analysis (calorie count and salt content) on our menus. We also offer a variety of options to take account of multi cultural environments.

To appeal to the student on the go, our student catering offer includes a coffee station area, a retail shop or high street branded outlets such as Starbucks and WH Smith. Our student union facilities incorporate a bar and social areas.

OCS college and university catering teams can also support residential students, for example by providing recipe booklets with taster evenings held at the student bar or 'meals under £5' during term. Our executive chefs will run cooking classes for students who are embarking on their initial weeks at university.

We have also developed a number of technological innovations such as an online Virtual Deli portal, allowing students to order meals in advance, interactive tills, TV menus and ‘lunch box’ promotional deals available for field trips.

Using the app Mysmartphonemoney, we have implemented pay by phone. In addition, Near Field Communication (NFC) will allow students to present their debit card at the till reader to record the transaction. This eliminates transaction charges and quickens the order process for students on a tight timetable.