Facilities services in the education sector

Young people need to be nurtured in a clean, safe environment, and have access to the best facilities possible to encourage their development and learning. OCS understands that the education sector needs support from its facilities management company to make the most of limited resources to deliver best in class facilities.

In the higher education market, where students, parents and guardians are increasingly looking for value for money when choosing which university or college to attend, competition is growing and the provision of excellent facilities can provide a clear differentiator. According to research commissioned by the Association of University Directors of Estates, eight out of 10 UK students say that facilities are a key factor in choosing a university, only out-ranked by the course itself.

OCS works with schools, colleges and universities to provide the highest standard of facilities through bespoke service solutions, which are tailored to meet their budget and deliver the best possible value. There is no 'one size fits all' solution for the education sector.

Great facilities also help to make somewhere a great place to work and can help to attract and retain staff. Many schools, colleges and universities are increasing their revenue by hiring out facilities to businesses and community organisations. An attractive, well-run facility boosts income and OCS can often use its expertise to support business development and income-generation ideas.

With extensive experience of providing catering, cleaning, security, waste management, and a range of other services to the education sector, OCS understands the complex range of spaces and the diverse needs of a wide range of customers.

Not only must public areas be kept clean and well presented to create a positive image, they must also be kept hygienic to protect student health and avoid staff absenteeism. Food services must be delivered in an attractive environment, provide choice and value for money, be nutritious and healthy, and cater for religious and dietary requirements. Security services must be delivered by experts who can be trusted to keep vulnerable young people, who are away from home for the first time, as safe as possible. OCS has the experience and expertise to deliver a range of fully-compliant services, investing in the facilities through new equipment, innovation and multi-skilled teams.

Sustainability is also a key objective for the education sector, and OCS supports this aim by working in partnership with you to meet your goals through, for example, chemical-free cleaning, using local and environmentally-friendly food sources, reducing waste to landfill, and providing work experience and training programmes for students.