Support services for the armed forces

OCS is proud to support our armed forces. We understand defence, know the challenges facing the armed forces and recognise the importance of a well serviced home base.

With OCS our support services for our servicemen and women just happen; they are the reason we provide services to the highest quality. We deliver services to military communities that are aligned with military demands and challenges and the ethos of military life, in part due to the many ex-servicemen and women in our company. We will look after the home base whether you are at home or overseas on operations.

Our trained, skilled and motivated staff:

  • Know the military environment and ensure compliance with health and safety, security and site orders
  • Are flexible in the way we deliver catering, cleaning, grounds and other services such as the management and maintenance of SSSI sites to accommodate the needs of operational readiness and training programmes
  • Protect the environment and biodiversity by being a good steward of the land
  • Are flexible to contribute to families’ days and special events, such as royal visits at 24 hours notice

We understand the importance of providing healthy, nutritious, balanced and appetising food, including via pay as you dine, for service personnel in junior ranks, senior ranks and officers’ messes. We support traditional mess functions to the highest quality.

We provide units with the highest standards of cleanliness in messes, accommodation, offices and in training, engineering, stores, armouries and leisure facilities. At OCS we strive to provide the best support services for the men and women of the Armed Forces. Our experienced management team works seamlessly within your organization to contribute meeting your objectives, ensuring health and safety, legal and regulatory compliance, contributing to sustainability, delivering value for money and upholding your reputation.