Confidential Waste

Secure document destruction and confidential waste disposal solutions

Government estimates suggest the cost of identity fraud alone is heading for £2 billion each year. It is essential that businesses have effective confidential waste management in place, ensuring safe and secure disposal.

Under the The Data Protection Act all old accounts and archived information must be securely destroyed as failure to do so can lead to prosecution. We offer a range of confidential waste disposal solutions and work closely with businesses, financial institutions and public authorities throughout the country.

Our confidential waste management operation has been a successful part of our UK business for many years. Following a strategic review, the Cannon Confidential business was sold to Restore Shred Limited, a subsidiary of Restore PLC on 16th June 2014. We are pleased to have sold the business to such a strong industry player as Restore and maintain an alliance with them in order to deliver seamless waste disposal solutions to our clients.

Restore can be contacted by email on or telephone on 0845 6035616. This sale will not affect the provision of any other service which you receive from us and there will be no disruption to any service currently contracted through the OCS Group. OCS Wasteline, our waste management business, is unaffected by the sale of our confidential waste operation.

To find out more about how we can help you with confidential waste disposal, contact us today.