Five Ways Facilities Management Can Improve Employee Engagement

10 June 2016

According to a worldwide survey of over 6 million workers, levels of employee engagement in the UK are below the global average. This could have a negative impact for organisations, as employee engagement is associated with increased job satisfaction, productivity and profits, and decreased staff turnover and absenteeism.

So how do you improve employee engagement? One often overlooked area it pays to invest in is facilities management. Facilities managers are uniquely placed to create working environments that are optimised for both employee wellbeing and productivity – two key ingredients for engagement.

Want to learn more? Read on to find out exactly how facilities management can improve employee engagement in your organisation.

1.Creating comfortable working environments

If employees are not physically comfortable in their workplace, they are likely to be more easily distracted. In some cases, it can even result in ill health and absenteeism. Workplace comfort is key to keeping employees engaged.

Facilities managers are often the first point of contact when it comes to creating a working environment that meets the need of its occupants. For example, a facilities manager is often responsible for managing the following factors:

  • Temperature
  • Noise Levels
  • Light Levels
  • Air Quality
  • Social Density

By ensuring that an employee’s fundamental physical needs are being met, an organisation is enabling them to focus their full attention on their job – and is on the way to achieving better employee engagement.

2.Promoting productive working practices

An employee who cannot do their job to the best of their ability is not a fully engaged employee. Whenever they find themselves unable to book a breakout room for a brainstorming session, or having to wait far too long to use a vital piece of equipment, they are being let down by organisational inefficiencies.

By installing a strong facilities management team in your organisation, however, you can reduce these blockages in your workstream – freeing up your employees to work without disruptions, and allowing them to become more engaged in their role.

3.Facilitating different working patterns and practices

More people than ever before want to have a say about when and where they work – and giving employees greater flexibility has been shown to improve levels of engagement.

Facilities managers can play a key role in overcoming the logistical challenges that flexible working entails, from ensuring effective access control for workers coming in and out of buildings around the clock, to utilising smart technology to track building occupancy in order to keep it running efficiently and effectively.

To learn more about how to design and maintain workplaces in the age of super-mobility, read our blog on the subject here.

4.Providing facilities and services that meet employee expectations

Every employee comes to a company with their own set of expectations regarding the facilities and services they feel their workplace should provide. Failure to meet these expectations may be interpreted as a lack of attention and care for employee wellbeing, and can have a negative effect on employee engagement.

Having strong facilities management in place ensures that staff are provided with the amenities and services they expect and deserve – whether that’s a clean and tidy workplace, high-quality catering, or speedy repairs on equipment.

5.Putting your corporate social responsibility strategy into action

Today’s employees care deeply about creating a more sustainable world. According to one survey, 68% of Brits agree that ‘businesses, governments and non-profits all need to deliver more social and environmental change’.

And where better to start than with a facilities management team that can help make your organisation more sustainable? From reducing the amount of energy you use to providing locally sourced catering, these initiatives will serve as a daily reminder to your staff of your organisational values.

So there you have it: five ways facilities management can improve employee engagement in any organisation.

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Image credit: Stocksnap.