Our 2016 finalists who will receive one of the three awards in each of the following regions have now been selected.:

  • Wales & West
  • Scotland & Northern Ireland
  • London & South East
  • Central & North
  • Channel Islands (one finalist)

The overall winner of the 2016 OCS Young Sports Person award was chosen from all the regional winners by an audience vote during the awards evening which took place on Tuesday, 1 November at the GLA in London.

The 2016 OCS Young Sportsperson is Leah Moorby, a Taekwondo athlete from the Central and North

Wales and West  

Leo McCrea - Para swimming  

Leo has been part of the Dwarf Sport Association (DSA) since he was 6 years old. At the DSA National Games in Birmingham Ellie Simmonds' mum (who was officiating) told him he should pursue the sport of swimming and join a club as he was fast for his age. Leo has a long day, waking up 6.30 am, gets to school at 7:30 am returning home at 7pm. He swims 5 times per week either before or after school and on Saturday mornings. The Team spirit at his swimming club motivates him, he likes the competition side of the sport and In being fit. Ellie Simmonds is his sporting hero as she has the same disability and is physically and mentally strong and has achieved so much in her sport. Leo’s biggest influence are his parents as they encourage him and help him achieve his goals. Leo says he could not do what he does without their help and support.  

Reuben Hothersall - Disability Sailing  

Reuben took up sailing when his regular hospital mentioned that access sailing was available locally. His parents persuaded him to try it even though it was November and cold. Reuben made good progress and really got into the sport when he was invited to join a club - the professional world class squad. Reuben has to get up around 6:00am on a Saturday, and drive to his sailing destination. He spends hours getting ready - having breakfast, getting changed into sailing gear, craning/winching the boat into the water, then rigging the boat - in all sorts of weather. Reuben is particularly motivated by knowing that he has improved, whether it is when he has won a race or is being coached with his squad. As a sportsperson, he enjoys being part of a squad, and developing with them as there is always something new to learn to improve. He also enjoys sailing at different destinations, which makes the sport even more interesting. Reuben’s sporting hero is Sir Ben Ainslie, because he is completely committed and amazing at sailing. As a four-times Olympic Gold medallist, Reuben considers him one of the best sportsmen in the world. Reuben’s parents are his biggest influence because they encourage him to do so many things in life - not just in sailing.  

Patsy Caines - Cycling  

Patsey first started cycling with her family and quickly progressing to racing before winning her first race at the age of 12. In a typical week Patsey will undertake approximately 10-12 hours of training, spread across turbo trainer, road riding, off-road mountain bike training, as well as working hard for her GCSEs. Patsy is motivated by a love of riding her mountain bike with her brother and father who got her into cycling 4 years ago. They continue to support her with every aspect of the sport, including training with her in all winds and weathers. She loves racing and winning but knows this requires a considerable amount of effort and application. Being a sportsperson boosts her self-esteem, particularly knowing that she is racing against, mixing with and training alongside some of the best racers and coaches in the UK. In the relatively short time Patsy has been racing she knows how much effort she has put in, so her sporting hero is Sir Steve Redgrave who trained for and competed at Gold medal winning standard at an incredible five consecutive Olympic Games.       

Scotland and Northern Ireland  

Caitlyn Aiken - Archery  

During 2015 Caitlyn came fourth in the U12 Junior UK Masters. She also competed in the U12 British Junior Outdoor Championships, the Scottish AA Junior Indoor Championships and the Scottish AA Junior Outdoor Championships, U12, coming first in all three events.  

Conn Nagle - Wheelchair basketball  

Conn’s parents first took him to a disability sports event at the age of six and he never looked back. His week is a mix of high performance training basketball, junior and senior club training, DSNI coaches programme, competitions and leagues. He is motivated by his passion for wheelchair basketball and the feeling of self worth and confidence it gives him. The exhilaration, determination, drive and competitiveness is ‘unreal’. The opportunity to train with professional athletes and coaches who also play at international level drives his enthusiasm and makes him even more determined to join them. He has made many friends from the UK and met athletes of different cultures and disabilities. Conn considers that the opportunity to represent his country and be an ambassador for the sport is a great honour. Conn’s sporting hero is Harry Brown, the youngest member ever of the Senior men's GB team at the age of 18. Conn feels he has an affinity with him as he is also a bilateral amputee and he’d love to be 'Harry No 2'. Conn’s parents are the most influential in his life and always ensured that all five of their children had equal opportunities. Sport plays a large part in their family life with everyone involved in some way with his parents even undertaking triathlons and marathons to raise funds for Conn’s local club.  

Ewan McAteer - Gymnastics  

Aged 17, Ewan comes from Lisburn in Northern Ireland. He is aiming for the Junior European Championships. In 2015 Ewen won a silver medal at the All-around Irish Championships and competed for Ireland in the European Youth Olympic Festival. In March of this year Ewen won a bronze medal at the British Gymnastics Senior Championships in the Vault.       

London and South East  

Theo Collins - Short-track speed skating  

Theo watched short track speed skating at his local ice rink and it looked really exciting so I asked if I could have a try with the Aldwych Speed Club. Theo’s training includes three on-ice training sessions, around 4 hours a week on cycle training and a further 5 hours a week on other off-ice training such as gym sessions. I am competitive and like pushing myself really hard and sport allows me to do that. Theo really enjoys the competitive nature of the sport, racing at speed shoulder to shoulder with other skaters and having to think tactically. He loves the buzz you from skating at the big international competitions with skaters from all over Europe plus the camaraderie between skaters from different countries. In his own sport, Theo’s heroes are Elise Christie for her success at the top level for GB and Charles Hamelin of Canada for his Olympic Gold medals and his enthusiasm. Outside of short track Theo’s admires Chris Froome and Bradley WIggins for their success in the Tour de France. Theo’s biggest influence is his parents for encouraging him to have a go at the sports he likes without ever putting any pressure on him.  

Liam Hall - Goalball  

Liam first became involved with goalball when two Paralympic goalball players ran a taster session at his school, following which he joined his local club in Winchester. Liam has included goalball as one of his sports in his PE GCSE so he does weekly training and coaching other people at school as well as attending training at his local club. He really enjoys playing goalball because ‘it’s a fantastic sport for people that have a visual impairment’, allowing him to remain active and socialise with people in the same situation. Liam’s commitment to his sport has helped him become more self-confident and being part of a fantastic team pushes him even more to focus on goalball for himself and for the team. Liam’s sporting hero is Adam Knott, [the elder brother of David Knott, a 2015 regional winner] who plays goalball for both Winchester and Great Britain. His is not only a great player but also a great coach who has helped him get where he is in goalball today. Liam’s biggest influence is his granddad who has always pushed him to give 100%, and has supported him in all areas of his life and believing in his sporting ability.  

Samantha Fuller - Golf  

Samantha fell in love with golf after watching her father play and couldn't resist trying it for herself. Samantha enjoys meeting new friends through the sport and finds being able to compete at a top level very exciting. She also enjoys competing against other athletes – especially when winning. She trains 5-6 golfing hours a day, 6 days a week, as well as 5 hours of strength and conditioning training each week. Samantha is motivated by the continual improvement year on year as she pushes herself every time she competes or trains. Her sporting hero is Tiger Woods as he transformed the game and made it very exciting for all ages with his competitiveness and attitude. Samantha’s parents have always been the most influential people in her life, pushing her when she need pushing and being there for her no matter what, in good or bad times. She says they are the best support she could possibly wish for.    

Central and North  

Zak Perzamonos - Gymnstics - Trampolining  

Zak first started trampolining in his garden, subsequently joining a local club in school before joining Springers trampoline club. He currently trains five days a week. Zak is motivated by wanting to do well and to keep improving, plus he has a real passion for the sport. He enjoys the excitement and thrill of the sport and the fact it keeps him in shape. Zak’s sporting hero is Usain Bolt because he is a great athlete, and a Olympic champion, and the biggest influence in his life is Luke Strong [British trampoline gymnast], because he broke his leg twice and came back from injuries.  

Amelia Cass - Para cycling  

Amelia first got involved in cycling when her degenerative condition made it increasingly difficult to walk to school.  Following involvement with the British Cycling talent programme, she started to believe she had potential. During a typical week Amelia will undertake a mixture of turbo and strength sessions along with up to 7 hours of road rides. Amelia is motivated by the desire to win and be the best she can be, plus the sport also helps to keep her condition as stable as possible. She is motivated by the ‘buzz’ when competing and being able to see improvements over time. Laura Kenny [Trott] is Amelia’s sporting hero because she always has a smile on her face and a great attitude to sport. Amelia’s biggest influence is her father as he has the same disability and always finds a way to do anything he wants to do. She is inspired to never let her disability hold her back in any way.  

Leah Moorby - Taekwondo  

Leah has always been quite active and used to admire people like Jackie Chan doing fancy kicks. She wanted to be able to do them herself and so her dad took her along to a local club where she began her taekwondo career. During a typical week Leah will do strength and conditioning sessions, taekwondo sessions with her club and at the weekend either competition or training in Manchester with the Great Britain Junior development squad. Leah works very hard to produce the best results she possibly can to make her strong support team of coaches, friends and family proud and ensure all of the hard work pays off for them and for herself. Leah enjoys the opportunities that come with being a sportsperson, especially travelling the world and seeing as many different places as possible. She also enjoys teaching others and helping them learn and develop new skills to improve their performance. Sarah Stevenson is Leah’s sporting hero because she overcame obstacles and pressures and became World Champion and an Olympic medallist. Leah considers her dad is probably the most influential person in her life because he pushes her hard to do her best and does as much as he can to make sure she has everything she needs, including taking her to training and competitions.

Channel Islands  

Robbie's achievements include 24 appearances for Guernsey FC (15 as a substitute), competing in the Ryman League, which is 7 leagues below The Premier League. He is also the youngest player in our history to play for Guernsey FC, and the youngest ever goal scorer! Better still, he is youngest player in the Channel Islands to appear in the FA Cup.

Robbie had trials at Fulham when he was 15 and trials for Brighton at  the age of 13.

As a junior, Robbie scored 86 goals in the local league in one season!